The events organized by the ISB Alumni FaB Network are planned keeping in mind the unique advantage that the ISB community has by virtue of its mentors on the school board and accomplished supporters from the larger business community.

The objective is to always provide access to networks and dialogs that are otherwise not available in a public domain in order to provide unique learning and growth opportunities while preserving the privacy of our mentors and the discretion required when discussing sensitive family matters.

In the first year of existence we had four private events that allowed alumni an opportunity to have close interactions and in depth discussions with family business leaders who have successfully dealt with a variety of business and family issues in their respective spheres.

The Roundtable events are designed to create an intimate and personal setting that allows attendees to have an informal discussion on sensitive issues and seek advise from the mentors on how to tackle them. We have had three successful roundtables in Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai so far.

The Speaker series brings in a business leader to share knowledge and experience on a specific topic of interest to the community. Our first speaker series was held in Hyderabad with three speakers – Dr. Thomas Schmidheiny on Alternate Investments for families; Mr. Deiter Spalti on Wealth Management and Mr. P. M. Kumar on Family Disputes.

Past Events